Meeting our greatest needs: Why Kent DesRochers gives to Lights of Hope

October 22nd, 2014

Kent DesRochers, a clinical nurse leader with the Mental Health Wellness Clinic at St. Paul’s, has witnessed first-hand the pressures that departments like the Mental Health Program at St. Paul’s face to continue to provide exceptional patient care. That need is one of the reasons why DesRochers became a monthly donor to Lights of Hope, which supports urgently needed care, research, teaching and equipment at St. Paul’s.

“I’ve been a monthly donor since the 2013 Lights of Hope because I wanted to actively do something about a problem and stand for a particular issue, and my stand is that we need to give funds to support programs at St. Paul’s,” says DesRochers.

Funding through Lights of Hope has provided hard-to-get financial assistance for essential equipment and support for care at the Clinic, such as a music therapist, plants and light therapy caps for patients with seasonal affective disorder.

“Thanks to this support, we have created a very welcoming environment, and environment plays a huge role in a patient’s personal experience and ability to get better,” says DesRochers. “It’s really made a difference.”

The impact has also been felt by staff at the Clinic.

“Improvements made at the Clinic show staff that we care for the environment that they work in,” says DesRochers. “We want staff to enjoy coming into work, so we try to provide them with the right environment and equipment.”

DesRochers also recently received a $1,500 Pauline Mayer Legacies in Education Fund, which is made possible, in part, thanks to donors to Lights of Hope, in recognition of his top notch work at St. Paul’s. He plans to use the professional development funding to attend a workshop.

“I’m very grateful for getting the award,” says DesRochers. “Afterwards, I will be able to present insights I gain through this opportunity to nurses and educators at the Mental Health Program.”

How you can help

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