Electrophysiology Lab

March 10th, 2016

The Electrophysiology Lab (EP Lab) at St. Paul’s treats patients with heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias), which can happen to anyone, any age, and can be life-threatening.

St. Paul’s is the provincial referral centre for patients with the most complex arrhythmias, including people with adult congenital heart disease or advanced heart failure.

Our EP Lab, however, where many of these serious patient cases are treated, is aging. Renewal is urgently required so our physicians and caregivers can continue to provide care to patients in greatest need.

Renewal of the St. Paul’s EP Lab will allow our world-leading physicians to continue providing high quality catheter ablation, which is a life-saving, minimally-invasive procedure for patients with various forms of arrhythmia.

In a catheter ablation, a catheter is run through a blood vessel into the heart, where radio frequency energy waves are used to remove small areas of heart tissue that may be causing an arrhythmia.

The renewal of our EP Lab will improve access to care—and quality of care—by reducing incidence of equipment failure and downtime, ensuring better success rates in first-time procedures, and allowing for faster procedure times.

These updates to our lab will also optimize work flow for physicians and caregivers, reduce wait lists and, ultimately, ensure that patients with arrhythmias from throughout BC continue to receive the best care available.

How you can help

The estimated cost of this renewal and upgrade is $4.2 million, which includes $2.7 million for equipment and $1.5 million for installation and renovation.

Your gift toward this project will help heart patients and their families throughout BC and will help ensure that the provincial Heart Centre at St. Paul’s maintains it world leading levels of research and patient care.

Please give today. Thank you.

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