BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BCCfE) director Dr. Julio Montaner.

Targeted Disease Elimination

March 10th, 2016

In the context of Canadian contributions to global health, the impact of Dr. Julio Montaner and the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St. Paul’s may only be matched by the discovery of insulin: both brought seismic shifts in global health care that saved millions of lives and changed the course of history.

With 30 years of pioneering research and implementation to draw upon, which culminated in 2014 with the United Nations using Dr. Montaner’s “Treatment as Prevention” strategy as the foundation of its plan to eliminate AIDS worldwide by 2030, Dr. Montaner is now working to apply to other diseases the models that have been so successful with HIV and AIDS.

Says Dr. Montaner: “We have an opportunity before us to apply to other contagions the strategies and models that have all but eliminated AIDS. What we have done with HIV/AIDS we can do with other diseases. We have the tools. We know we can do this.”

Dr. Montaner’s plan, called Targeted Disease Elimination, is now a St. Paul’s Foundation fundraising priority.

Initially, Targeted Disease Elimination will focus on hepatitis C, which is seen in British Columbia and around the world as the next looming health crisis.

The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million people have hepatitis C, with most being unaware they are infected. Many will carry the disease for decades, only learning they are infected when they show symptoms of liver disease (cirrhosis) or cancer of the liver, the result of hepatitis having silently attacked the liver over time.

How you can help

By supporting the $2 million fundraising goal that will initiate the first stages of this extraordinary project, you will be a part of some of the most inspired medical science and advocacy being conducted anywhere in the world today. Please support this historic effort today that will help millions of people in BC and around the world.

Thank you.

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