August 29th, 2016

A groundbreaking service for people with mental health and substance use challenges is opening at St. Paul’s Hospital that will unite emergency care, rapid access to treatment and a transition centre to provide better and faster care for this vulnerable client population.

When complete, the HUB at St. Paul’s will be a new way to assess and treat people with mental illness and problematic substance use issues in an emergency setting, getting them fast access to the specialized care they need as well as initiating the necessary follow-up care for when they transition from hospital back to community.

Currently, a psychiatric patient or a person with a substance use disorder is treated in the Emergency Department (ED). However, medical staff can spend twice as much time with these patients, which causes bottlenecks. Directing patients to the HUB will reduce ED congestion and wait times. In addition to this improved access to care, the HUB, with its additional focus on helping patients transition back to the community, will reduce rates of readmission.

Meeting the needs of Vancouver’s most vulnerable

In its most basic terms, the HUB represents the path to recovery, a path that begins with access, then moves to care, then to follow-up care in the community, and ultimately recovery. The HUB, with its clinical unit and its rapid access and transitional care models, means that path to recovery is easily accessed and clear of obstacles.

The HUB represents transformative thinking and is the first of many innovative models of care that will be evaluated in the coming years for adoption in the new St. Paul’s. Today, friends of St. Paul’s are asked to be part of this historic effort that will so greatly benefit future care.

The fundraising goal for the HUB is $3.5 million. St. Paul’s Foundation is working with two partners, the City of Vancouver, which has provided $1 million; and the Vancouver Police Foundation, which has provided $750,000. St. Paul’s Foundation will raise the remaining $1.75 million needed to finish the HUB.

Please give today to support the HUB.


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