Garden therapy at Honoria Conway

Growing Garden Horticulture Therapy Program

July 27th, 2017

The therapeutic benefits of working with nature are timeless. From childhood, most of us will remember watching with awe as the first tiny sprouts emerge from the soil where, the day before, we had planted a seed.

The countless millions of people around the world who spend time in their gardens, whether a tiny patio garden or one in a sprawling backyard, will tell you those feelings of awe never leave you.

The Growing Garden Horticulture Therapy Program at Honoria Conway, an assisted living residence for seniors, taps into these forces of nature and the positive effect they have on us all. The program is managed by a trained horticulture therapist whose wellness goals are created specifically for a seniors population.

Honoria Conway residents are able to plan their gardens, prepare the soil, work with pots and planters as well as with outdoor gardens, all while enjoying the social benefits of engaging with their peers. Gardening can be deeply satisfying and can bring a sense of accomplishment and, for many residents who may have had a green thumb in their younger days, this special program can awaken wonderful memories.

The program operates, indoors and outdoors, for eight months a year and also has supplementary benefits such as activities where residents are able to use the plants and flowers they grow in arts and crafts projects.

Says Recreational Coordinator Franca Temolo-Jones: “The tenants and staff at Honoria Conway are extremely appreciative to St. Paul’s Foundation donors for this tremendous opportunity. It’s a fantastic way for our tenants to connect to nature, reminisce into their past and nurture their spirit. We eagerly look forward to all the wonderful therapeutic benefits this program has to offer.”

St. Paul’s Foundation is grateful for the support of friends and supporters like you who make it possible for us to support such wellness-oriented special programs.

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