St. Paul’s is a treasured provincial health resource for all British Columbians. Our hospital specializes in the care of people with heart and lung disease, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, renal disease and people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. We integrate the best clinical care with real-world research and education.

Like many of our supporters, St. Paul’s pays special attention to our province’s most vulnerable populations and has a long tradition of reaching out with great compassion to those British Columbians most marginalized by society. Historically, this included Chinese railway workers in the late 1800s who had no other means of health care; while more than a century later these patient populations touch upon poverty and homelessness, mental illness, addiction and other issues that require compassionate and specialized care.

Whether caring for the most complex mental health patients, finding new ways to provide safe, life-saving heart surgery for older patients, or finding pivotal prevention and treatment techniques for people living with HIV, St. Paul’s continues to support and advocate for those who often need our care the most.

St. Paul's Foundation