The Breakfast Club

July 27th, 2017

In addition to physical benefits (nothing like a healthy breakfast!), the benefits for residents who take part in the Breakfast Club program at Holy Family Hospital also touch upon the social, the sensory, the cognitive and the emotional. Helping to prepare breakfast, set the table and enjoy eating with a group can bring back cherished […]

Growing Garden Horticulture Therapy Program

The therapeutic benefits of working with nature are timeless. From childhood, most of us will remember watching with awe as the first tiny sprouts emerge from the soil where, the day before, we had planted a seed. The countless millions of people around the world who spend time in their gardens, whether a tiny patio […]

St. Paul’s kidney-patient dragon boat team races in Hong Kong

June 6th, 2017

“Lisa never let her disease define her,” says Dr. Tony Chiu, one of Lisa’s physicians for 17 years until her sudden passing on May 18, 2017, just a week before the dragon boat team she founded was to depart for the world famous Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

Meet Kaye Robinson, a social worker at the Rapid Access Addiction Clinic

May 17th, 2017

Kaye Robinson is a social worker at the Rapid Access Addiction Clinic at St. Paul’s. From helping a person obtain short term medication coverage when they are not on a medical plan, to full-blown crisis intervention, Kaye supports people in their treatment goals for their substance use.

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