A Clinical Nurse Leader Salutes Those Who Give

February 9th, 2016

“I want charitable donors to know how appreciated they are by St. Paul’s staff,” says Stefanie MacLeod. “They inspire us to do more, to innovate, to help in other ways. People who give to St. Paul’s encourage that mindset.”

Heart Surgery Milestone

February 3rd, 2016

Dr. John Webb and his team at the Centre for Heart Valve Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital continue to lead by expanding an innovative heart procedure After a decade of heart trouble, 87-year-old Gisela Wegner’s aortic heart valve was starting to fail, no longer able to properly open to let her blood through the chambers of […]

Emergency eye care at Teck Emergency Centre enhanced thanks to EPC grant

The new equipment includes a screen, much like a TV, which has a series of lenses that connect it to a recorder which can then be hooked up to the ophthalmologist’s computer, allowing the ophthalmologist to place test images on the screen to determine how a patient’s vision has been impacted by an injury.

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