From halting the progression of HIV to ensuring our most vulnerable patients leave with warm clothes, St. Paul’s Foundation funds what our patients need most.

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What Sets Us Apart?

For over a century, St. Paul’s has been treating a diverse patient population, many of whom live in the margins of society. Through compassionate care and by investing in world-leading research and teaching, St. Paul’s understands the needs of our patients and our community. This approach has led to excellence in numerous areas of medicine and surgery, making an incredible impact locally and globally.

These areas of excellence are what sets St. Paul’s apart and it is your support that allows us to grow these priority areas, and others, into world-leading initiatives that change and save lives.

Heart & Lung

The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s is recognized around the world for pulmonary disease research; while the provincial Heart Centre at St. Paul’s is BC’s referral centre for those who are at-risk or have the most complex cardiac cases. In addition, St. Paul’s is the only hospital in BC to perform adult heart transplants, holds expertise in all forms of heart disease; and is home to the innovative Healthy Heart Program. This program helps patients by promoting cardiac health through education, diet, exercise and stress management and other day-to-day life issues that they themselves can help to control. The Heart Centre is also a leader in cardiac obstetrics, heart rhythm services and heart valve procedures.

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Targeted Disease Elimination

In the context of Canadian contributions to global health, the impact of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St. Paul’s and its highly active antiretroviral therapy — the first drug cocktail to halt the progression of HIV — may only be matched by the discovery of insulin. In 2015, the UN adopted this approach as its plan to eliminate AIDS globally by 2030. Now, St. Paul’s is working to apply Targeted Disease Elimination to other diseases, with the initial focus on hepatitis C. This potentially fatal disease of the liver is seen as the next great health crisis, affecting an estimated 50-60,000 in BC alone.

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St. Paul’s Renal Program is a leader in kidney transplants, dialysis and care for patients with chronic kidney disease. For the St. Paul’s renal team, patient comfort and convenience is paramount: the Kidney Care Clinic was based on a revolutionary patient-focused model that brings together nephrologists, nurses, dieticians, social workers and specialists that patients can access in a single visit. It is this type of relentless innovation that is improving patient comfort, convenience and outcomes for the two million Canadians that have kidney disease or are at risk. This sustainable provincial model of renal care delivery has received global recognition and introduced changes to public health policy and clinical practice.

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Mental Health and Addiction

St. Paul’s work in mental health and addiction takes place not only at the hospital, but in the community that we serve. This includes outreach programs such as the Inner City Youth Program, which provides direct access to mental health care to Vancouver youth, and education initiatives like the Goldcorp Addiction Medicine Fellowship, which provides physicians and clinical staff with much-needed specialized addiction medicine training. There are few health care centres that combine the clinical and research side of mental health and addiction with such a presence on the ground. The result is world-leading excellence in both disciplines—and thousands of families transformed by this innovative treatment and care.

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Elder Care

Meeting safety and comfort needs is just one way that we care for seniors. In an age where people live longer than at any other time in human history, and with over one-quarter of our patients aged 70 or older, Providence Health Care has become a leader in the treatment and care of the many complex health issues that come to all of us as we age. This focus involves geriatric assessment, medicine, and psychiatry; prevention of chronic illness and other specialized services.

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Breast Centre

This year about 2,800 BC women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 600 will die from the disease. Although early diagnosis is key to treatment for breast cancer, in 2008 only two-thirds of BC women with an abnormality found in their breasts received a diagnosis within five weeks of initial screening. In the meantime, they experienced the distress of not knowing their results, and whether they actually had breast cancer.

The Providence Breast Centre (PBC) at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital (MSJ) is on the front line of efforts to improve these statistics and outcomes for women with breast cancer.

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Residential Care

Providence Health Care provides residential care and assisted living in six locations for approximately 750 elders. With a daily focus on reducing the feelings of loneliness, helplessness and boredom that are often experienced by elders living in care homes, our sites aim to help elders continue living meaningful lives when they become too frail to live independently.

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