Emergency Computed Tomography Scanner

October 8th, 2012

CT scanners are integral to the care of emergency patients, enabling staff to check for head injuries, screen for patients at high risk of coronary symptoms and diagnose damage to the extremities. About 8,000 CT scans per year are performed on emergency patients at St. Paul’s, representing almost a third of all CT scans at the hospital.

Despite the importance of this technology, St. Paul’s was one of the few hospitals of its size in Canada that did not have a CT scanner near or in its emergency department – until December 2013, when we completed a $3.5-million project to install a CT scanner at our Teck Emergency Centre.

This project was made possible through the generosity of 281 donors and the collaboration between our Radiology and Emergency Departments. Thanks to those efforts, we can provide even faster and more efficient care at our hospital, which already sees more than 73,000 emergency patients per year while having some of the shortest wait-times of any emergency department in Canada.

Donors play a crucial role in enabling St. Paul’s to deliver world-leading care, research and medical teaching that benefits people throughout British Columbia and around the world.