A Lights of Hope star for Dad

November 4th, 2013

The Lights of Hope campaign is a way for the Kronier family to remain connected to the spirit of giving inspired by their husband and father.

Since 2008, Betty Kronier and her daughters – Lorraine Palmer, Linda Chrystal, Carolyn Convey and Kim Streit – have donated to the Lights of Hope every year so that a star on the display would bear the family name of their late husband and father, Al Kronier.

“We’re really proud of the fact that dad’s name is on the star and that our kids can see that we’re giving back,” says Chrystal.

During his life, Kronier owned a hardware store in Richmond where he would routinely help members of the community by supporting local people and charities. He was also incredibly proud of his four daughters who, in his eyes, could do no wrong.

In 1993, Kronier received life-saving quadruple bypass surgery at St. Paul’s, which gave him several additional years with his children and grandchildren before he passed away in 1999.

“The excellent care he received at St. Paul’s gave us extra years with him,” says Streit. Adds Covey, “And all of us were grateful for that time.”

Betty Kronier and her four daughters decided to give back to St. Paul’s by making an annual donation to the Lights of Hope campaign. Every year, the campaign inspires the community to support the hospital’s greatest needs with a spectacular display of holiday lights recognizing donors to the campaign.

This year, the Lights of Hope campaign has a goal to raise $2.2 million. The display will be lit for the first time on November 20 during an all ages celebration open to members of the community that will take place outside the hospital and will feature fireworks, entertainment and refreshments.

The four sisters hope to be at that celebration with their mother and families and to use it as a time of giving and remembrance.

“We want our grandchildren to see Dad’s name in lights and explain why that star is there so they can get to know their great-grandfather a little better,” says Palmer. “It’s how they can understand the importance of carrying on his legacy.”

For more information on the lights of hope campaign and how you can help support greatest needs at st. Paul’s hospital, please call 604-662-4673 (HOPE) or visit


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