Stefanie MacLeod, Clinical Nurse Leader at the St. Paul’s Cardiac Short Stay Unit

Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing

March 14th, 2016

History and experience have shown us that if you are a heart patient and you are cared for by a team that includes cardiovascular nurses or nurse practitioners, you live longer, you cope better with your treatment, and you have fewer complications.

Strengthening nursing leadership, therefore, is paramount to continue improving the heart health of British Columbians.

A $1 million fundraising campaign is underway

It takes many health care professionals to care for a person with cardiovascular disease and it is universally agreed that cardiovascular nurses are at the centre of this care team.

Cardiovascular nurses are present in the cardiac ward and in the heart function and heart transplant clinics. It is the cardiovascular nurse who spends the most time with patients and families. It is the cardiovascular nurse that is present at every step of the journey of care.

For these reasons and many others, St. Paul’s and the UBC School of Nursing are proud to present to philanthropic friends an opportunity that’s the first of its kind in Western Canada; the creation of a key leadership role in the vital and indispensable field that is cardiovascular nursing—the UBC and St. Paul’s Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing.

How you can help

Your gift to support this position will make this new position a reality. While in addition to having an immediate impact in helping to establish this new leadership role, your support will resonate over future generations of the cardiovascular nursing profession.

Please give today. Thank you.

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