Dr. Evan Wood, Director of the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use

The BC Centre on Substance Use

March 10th, 2017

“A crisis event, like an overdose, is the moment when a patient’s motivation to make changes is very high,” says Dr. Evan Wood, Director of the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use.

“Yet, too many times,” he says, “we have watched patients leave the hospital knowing the additional support they need to make those changes is not out there.”

Now, this substantial flaw in the system is being addressed.

After years of hard work and dedication by Dr. Wood and his team, the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) at St. Paul’s is now a reality. Described by BC Health Minister Terry Lake as “a world-class research centre”, the BCCSU will not only enhance efforts to confront the current overdose crisis in BC but also “set a course for best practice over the long term” by developing innovative, evidence-based approaches to treating substance use.

How you can help

St. Paul’s Foundation is committed to raising $5 million to support the BCCSU, a province-wide addiction medicine centre that will link BC’s health authorities, research centres, academic institutions and service agencies to provide leadership in addiction care, research and education.

“We are creating an addiction system of care where one did not previously exist,” says Dr. Wood. “Ultimately, this will revolutionize health care. The entire addiction medicine landscape will change, not just in BC but around the world. That’s the opportunity before us. I hope friends of St. Paul’s will play a role.”

Please give today to support the BCCSU.


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