Scleroderma A group photo from last year’s 5th Annual Scleroderma Ride for research in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, which raised more than $40,000 to support research and care. June is Scleroderma Awareness Month. Let’s help raise some!

Support the 6th Annual Scleroderma Ride (or Walk!) for Research—and support some people who get things done

June 12th, 2017

To cycle 30k in Stanley Park feels great; for a cause, it feels even better!

Sometimes, medical research reflects the law of averages. A disease that impacts the many, for example, may receive more research funding than a disease that impacts the few.

Sometimes, the few must help themselves.

When they do, amazing things can happen.

Like the five scleroderma patients who started the Scleroderma Association of BC in 1984, an organization which now helps 450 patients and their families throughout BC to cope with this rare, incurable disease.

An all-volunteer, registered charity, the BCSA mandate is to promote patient outreach, support and education, to create public awareness and understanding of scleroderma and to encourage and support research.

What is scleroderma?

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that thickens and hardens your body’s connective tissues, which in turn can impact your blood vessels, organs and skin. The damage inflicted by scleroderma on blood vessels, for example, causes them to stiffen and constrict, which means they send less blood to the vital organs they supply, and so those organs become weaker.

The symptoms of scleroderma can place a great burden on circulation and respiration, often resulting in patients needing oxygen therapy.

The cause of scleroderma remains unknown and there is no cure. Research, however, continues to lead to treatments and therapies that help to ease symptoms for patients. To this end, the Scleroderma Association of BC maintains a close relationship with the Scleroderma Clinic at the Pacific Lung Health Centre at St. Paul’s.

In fact, when you support the 6th Annual Scleroderma Ride for Research, the gift you make to the Scleroderma Association of BC will, in turn, support the Scleroderma Clinic at St. Paul’s.

All business!

Talk about getting things done! With a nod to those five individuals who started the Scleroderma Association of BC, this generation of scleroderma activists means business, too! Last year’s event, with 70 riders, walkers and potluck lunch organizers, raised more than $40,000 for scleroderma research and care.

Much of that support helped to launch a ground-breaking “proof of concept” genome study of Scleroderma biomarkers. This work, which is being conducted at St. Paul’s, has been so promising that all funds from this year’s Scleroderma Ride for Research will be committed to it.

Friends of St. Paul’s are encouraged to support this event with a gift today. For more information, please contact Rosanne Queen, president of the SABC board of directors, below.

The 6th Annual Scleroderma Ride (or Walk!) For Research

Sunday, June 18 @ 9:30AM

Stanley Park, at the Ceperley picnic shelter near Second Beach

A 30k ride to UBC or a 10k walk around Stanley Park

Rosanne Queen @ 604-984-9425 or

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