Breakfast Club Holy Family

The Breakfast Club

July 27th, 2017

In addition to physical benefits (nothing like a healthy breakfast!), the benefits for residents who take part in the Breakfast Club program at Holy Family Hospital also touch upon the social, the sensory, the cognitive and the emotional.

Helping to prepare breakfast, set the table and enjoy eating with a group can bring back cherished memories of family gatherings. The food aromas alone stimulate appetite and positive emotions. Something as simple as a group breakfast with your peers offers, for seniors, much more than meets the eye.

Hospital staff report that, at these breakfast gatherings, residents will often eat more than they usually do. Residents who may tend to be less social will often come and join in, and even linger and relax with others after the meal is over. Some residents with less physical capabilities may simply sit and enjoy some conversation or background music as they have breakfast, while others will get more involved, including helping hospital staff serve the meals.

Not only is the program an alternative to the usual meal, it also presents residents with an opportunity to enjoy eating with a different group than their regular table mates, as the breakfasts are held at various neighbourhood dining rooms. The dining rooms used for the Breakfast Club rotate monthly to provide variety and promote inclusion.

It seems there is, in such a special program, something for everyone.

St. Paul’s Foundation is proud to direct donor funds from friends like you to such innovative programs that help so many. After a three-month pilot program was deemed a great success, the Breakfast Club will now be a permanent weekly fixture for residents of Holy Family Hospital.



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