A team with heart: (L-R) heart transplant recipient Mo Shariff; Dr. Suzanne Campbell; David Byres; Jennifer Gibson; Dr. Martha MacKay

Advancing Nursing

Promise Magazine: Spring/Summer 2016

St. Paul’s establishes Western Canada’s first-ever Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing

A fundraising effort has been announced to establish the UBC and St. Paul’s Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing, the first position of its kind in Western Canada.

At St. Paul’s, cardiovascular nurses work in the cardiac ward, the heart function and heart transplant clinics, and in the cardiac rehabilitation centre. They develop programs, influence practice and policy, engage in research and improve quality of care.

When grateful St. Paul’s patient Mo Shariff recently made a donation toward the new Professorship, he summed up what the cardiovascular nursing team meant to him over the course of his long journey toward a successful heart transplant in 2015.

“The nurses not only helped to save my life with their tremendous expertise in cardiac health,” says Shariff, “but they helped to make some of the toughest moments bearable.”

The new position presents a special funding opportunity for St. Paul’s supporters and will have an incredible impact on the education of the next generation of cardiovascular nurses.

To support the UBC and St. Paul’s Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing, please contact St. Paul’s Foundation at 604-682-8206 or donate online.