EPC grants St. Paul's

Enhanced Patient Care at St. Paul’s

Promise Magazine: Spring/Summer 2017

St. Paul’s Foundation’s Enhanced Patient Care (EPC) program issues small grants to hospital departments, helping to fund equipment or services that improve patient experiences.

The program is supported entirely by donations made to the Lights of Hope fundraising campaign. In 2016, a record-breaking 150 EPC grants were given to over 50 departments, supporting the purchase of the hospital’s first bili blanket, the DUDES Club and much more.

EPC grant applications are open to all St. Paul’s staff, with applications due June 30. Patients are encouraged to make suggestions to their doctors and nurses for ways that patient care can be improved. For information, contact Kyra at KFaber@providencehealth.ca.

Shining Bright for St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Foundation’s 19th annual Lights of Hope fundraising campaign raised more than $3 million this holiday season. Contributions from corporate and individual donors, St. Paul’s staff and volunteers will support the hospital’s greatest needs, including more than 50 enhanced patient care programs across the hospital. To everyone who made a special gift – Thank you!

Bili Blanket Helps Keep Mom and Baby Together

Jaundice occurs in newborns when bilirubin, a byproduct of the liver, accumulates faster than the body can break it down. Phototherapy, a common treatment, uses light waves to help break down excess bilirubin. The treatment, however, is administered in an incubator, which means mother and baby must be separated.

Now, thanks to support from an EPC grant, phototherapy can also be administered when mother and baby are together, even during feeding time, thanks to St. Paul’s first bili blanket. The blanket contains built-in lights and wraps around the baby’s body to provide full phototherapy coverage without an incubator.

Donate to the Greatest Needs Fund at helpstpauls.com now to support the Enhanced Patient Care programs at St. Paul’s.