The new St. Paul's, 2026

Imagine the Future

Promise Magazine: Spring/Summer 2019

IMAGINE a purpose built hospital that streamlines services and programs that share resources, where the greatest medical minds are integrated together to care for patients, collaborate on new research, and train the next generation of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Rendering of new St. Paul’s consult room.

IMAGINE a complex of brand-new buildings entirely devoted to health care, life sciences, research, technology, and innovation. A place where PHC’s rich culture of collaboration among clinicians, researchers, and life science partners means discoveries in our labs can travel quicker than ever to our patients.

IMAGINE the entire campus seeded with the latest technology to facilitate radical advances in research and treatment. A place where staff and students will have access to the medical tools of the future: things like virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence to improve patient care in real time.

NOW, IMAGINE YOU ARE A PATIENT HERE. At the new St. Paul’s, care will come to you. You will be diagnosed almost immediately and start precision treatment on the spot. Thanks to the best-in-class caregivers, equipment, and procedures, you are already on the road to recovery. Afterwards, you can return home to recuperate comfortably while still under the watchful eyes of your team via video technology and in-community wellness support.

Rendering of new St. Paul’s patient room.

But we don’t have to imagine this, because this future starts now. It starts with you. Let’s build the new St. Paul’s to transform lives and livelihoods for you, for your family, and for all British Columbians.

One hundred and twenty five years after the Sisters demonstrated great courage and leadership to provide compassionate care to everyone, we wonder if they could have imagined the future that awaits us at the new St. Paul’s.

Now it’s our turn to be courageous, to be leaders. The journey to the new St. Paul’s can’t happen without you.

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