St. Paul’s Foundation proudly supports PHC as part of Canada’s digital technology Supercluster

Promise Magazine: Spring/Summer 2018

Supercluster awarded federal funding to transform Canada’s fastest-growing tech sector

Through a national competition, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster (CDTS) was selected as one of the funding recipients for the Government of Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative, announced in February.

The BC-led CDTS is a large, world-class consortium of large and small companies with research and not-for-profit organizations, led by Telus; Microsoft; Providence Health Care, supported by St. Paul’s Foundation; D-Wave Quantum Computing; GE Digital; Teck Resources; Shoppers Drug Mart; UBC; the Research Universities Council of BC and others.

Its purpose is to turn ideas into solutions, including innovative products, platforms, and technologies, that can be brought to market to drastically improve health outcomes for patients. The CDTS could result in 50,000 new jobs and $15-billion in GDP growth over 10 years. It will deliver globally competitive new process, product and technology platforms and commercialization successes.

Providence Health Care, supported by St. Paul’s Foundation, has a long history of research and innovation translating into globally leading care solutions. The supercluster initiative is a unique opportunity to partner with industry to design, develop and accelerate innovative solutions that improve the lives of British Columbians for generations to come.

“We are committed to transforming health care in British Columbia, Canada and beyond,” says Dick Vollet, President and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation. “We are determined to support the drive for innovation at Providence Health Care and with the new St. Paul’s. As a founding member of the CDTS, we will be working in true collaboration and partnership with industry leaders and our community.”

Three initial pilot projects are expected to begin in 2018. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the CDTS by following #DigitalSupercluster or visiting the website at


What is a Supercluster?

The original term “supercluster” is used to describe large clusters of galaxies in the universe. When many clusters of galaxies come together, they create something much bigger and brighter – a supercluster.

Applying this concept to business, a cluster is a dense area of business activity containing many large and small companies, post-secondary and research institutions, and other innovators with diverse skills who come together to collaborate, reimagine and problem-solve. These clusters have great potential to spur innovation, facilitate commercialization, enhance firm productivity, stimulate the formation of new companies and the growth of others, and sustain industrial competitiveness.

A supercluster builds on the advantages of multiple clusters, and forms through their shared reliance on specialized inputs, including technologies, talent and infrastructure. Compared to a cluster, a supercluster has stronger connections, a long-term competitive advantage, global brand recognition, and a larger positive impact on job creation and economic growth.

Source: Government of Canada, Science and Innovation