Supporting More Patients and Residents

Promise Magazine: Fall 2017

Earlier this year, St. Paul’s Foundation announced it had joined forces with Tapestry Foundation to streamline fundraising activities and further support patient and resident care at Providence Health Care sites. The unified Foundation now supports patients and residents of Providence Health Care throughout the health care continuum, from neonatal to palliative. St. Paul’s Foundation is continuing its support of St. Paul’s Hospital, along with the following sites:

• Holy Family Hospital
• Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
• St Michael’s Centre
• St. Vincent’s: Brock Fahrni
• St. Vincent’s: Honoria Conway-Heather
• St. Vincent’s: Langara
• Youville Residence

Funds raised by St. Paul’s Foundation support enhanced patient and resident care, capital projects, equipment needs, research and teaching. As always, donors will continue to be able to designate their donations and choose what hospital, residence or department they would like their gift to support.