New St. Paul's

The Vision Unfolds

Promise Magazine: Spring/Summer 2018

By Michelle Hopkins | Photography by Jeff Topham

The new St. Paul’s will establish an internationally recognized medical centre in the heart of Vancouver

When the new St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre opens on its new 18.4-acre site on the False Creek Flats, it will continue a long, rich legacy of transforming medical care through innovation and compassion.

“Compassion is such a fundamental element of health care because, working in this field, we have the unique privilege and responsibility of caring for our fellow humans at some of the most important, traumatic and pivotal moments of their lives,” says Fiona Dalton, the new president and CEO of Providence Health Care. “Health care is changing so quickly – we have amazing opportunities through advances in medical technology and informatics, and growing challenges from a changing demography and the new pressures of a modern world.”

St. Paul’s vision continues to be one that will provide the very best care possible to all those who come for help, including the province’s most vulnerable, while training the next generation of caregivers and conducting research that will drive the development of new treatments to tackle major health threats.

As a world leader in innovation and discovery, St. Paul’s will significantly enhance both the availability of care and the quality of life across BC, bringing care to patients wherever they are. While heading University Hospital Southampton in the UK, Dalton says her team did just that: build on a vision of a “hospital without walls” to provide exceptional care closer to patients wherever possible.

Currently the largest health care capital project in western Canada, the new St. Paul’s will be housed on a pedestrian- friendly campus centred around an 11-storey, acute-care hospital. Building on a history of medical firsts, the hospital is set to establish itself firmly among the most highly regarded and recognized medical centres in North America – places like Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, the Cleveland Clinic and Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

Building a hospital of this quality and magnitude is a massive undertaking. Bringing the new hospital from vision to reality is only possible through the generous support of benefactors and friends in our community


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