Thanks to the support of donors to St. Paul’s Foundation, we are able to purchase the latest in lifesaving technologies, attract the brightest medical minds, provide inspired care to hundreds of thousands of patients every year and develop world-leading advances in research and medical teaching that benefit many more.

From SALOME to RUTH to the streets

Dr. Oviedo-Joekes and her colleagues at the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences at St. Paul’s (CHÉOS) are providing options—and hope—in some of the darkest days of the opioid crisis.

Looking into the heart of the matter

A new imaging technology at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver is letting doctors see blockages in blood vessels leading to the heart without invasive probes.

Emergency eye care at Teck Emergency Centre enhanced thanks to EPC grant

The new equipment includes a screen, much like a TV, which has a series of lenses that connect it to a recorder which can then be hooked up to the ophthalmologist’s computer, allowing the ophthalmologist to place test images on the screen to determine how a patient’s vision has been impacted by an injury.

Virtual Teaching Lab

Donors have completed the funding of a television production and broadcast centre that will enable health-care professionals around the world to learn about life-saving procedures pioneered at St. Paul’s.