Community Events

Join a community event in support of St. Paul’s Foundation or plan an event of your own! Together we can raise funds to help ensure patients and residents across all Providence Health Care sites are able to receive the compassionate care they need, when they need it the most.

The 7 O’clock Cheer

Sat Dec 4, 2021

With performances by Colour Tongues, Old Soul Rebel and Victoria Groff, “The Seven O’clock Cheer” is a live music and charity event in Vancouver with the goal of celebrating Health Care Workers in commemoration of their battle against the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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St. Paul’s Foundation is extremely grateful for the efforts of community members, who selflessly dedicate their time organizing fundraising events which help support world-leading compassionate care. See our list of active third party events below:

50th Birthday Walk-Off Fundraiser Challenge
Donate to Appreciate
Electronic Dialysis Chair for North Vancouver CDU
Gelsea Mae supports IPF Research
Hearts on Fire Gala
O2P/Paddle to Wellness Dragonboat
Nightingale Quilt Fundraiser
PHC Sun Run
Scleroderma Ride for Research
Tamara Komuniecki
Tavisha’s Helping Hands
The HiRO Annual Symposium
The Seven O’clock Cheer
Vera Rudland’s Memorial
WeDo Weddings Etc. – Love Never Ends
YouShine Foundation – Peace and Love

If you are interested in organizing an event or fundraising initiative of your own, please fill out an online application form or contact Amanda Oldershaw, Community Events Officer at 604-806-8273 or email

Our Third Party Fundraising Tool Kit will provide you with the tools, resources and information you’ll need to plan and host a successful event.