Corry Koster: Accountant with a heart of gold

April 6th, 2021

Cornelia Margaretha Stephanie Koster (Corry) was one of six children born to a baker in Holland. The Koster family immigrated to Canada a few years after the end of World War II and settled in Ontario. Corry completed high school, then took night school courses to earn an accounting designation while working full time.

Over the years Corry discovered she had quite a knack for investing. She read the business section of the Globe and Mail every day and did careful research and analysis before deciding to invest her hard-earned savings. Her thorough research and hard work paid off and Corry was able to live a comfortable lifestyle that allowed her to enjoy travelling the world during her holidays. Hiking in Nepal was one of her favourite travel memories!

While in her early 30’s Corry decided to move to Vancouver. She was an outdoor enthusiast and was able to hike, ski, and cycle to her heart’s content. She was also something of a crafter and enjoyed volunteering at craft fairs in her spare time.

It was in her final years that Corry became acquainted with St. Paul’s Hospital as a heart patient. She appreciated the kindness with which she was treated and took comfort from the support groups that were available to her.

Corry’s enthusiasm for St. Paul’s extended to including a gift for the hospital in her will. In fact, Corry left almost her entire estate to charities in the Vancouver area. It turns out that in the end, despite her heart condition, she really was an accountant with a heart of gold!