Stanley and Patricia Wong

God bless our volunteers!

April 21st, 2021

Volunteers are like stars. You can’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.

Through this long pandemic year, our volunteers have never faltered. In countless ways, you’ve demonstrated your resourcefulness, engagement, and compassion. And you’ve come forward in so many unique and thoughtful ways.

You helped build viewing platforms outside residents’ windows. You created craft kits: doing all the cutting and prep work from home and delivering ready-to-go activities to our residences. You stood at the entrances to our hospitals and residences to provide hand sanitizer, masks, and reassurance. You distributed hot meals across the frontlines.

Therapy dog, Nugget, and his human companion, Stuart, continue to keep spirits high for seniors in long-term care via FaceTime. Their fans are so engaged, they reach out to pat the screen!

Fanny took to Zoom for her weekly newspaper-reading sessions. It quickly became clear that her audience of Cantonese-speaking Popos and Gung Gungs (grandmas and grandpas) were mostly interested in the flyers, restaurant specials, and recipes. The sessions have morphed into joyful conversations about food, family, and memories.

Our Future Leaders (a volunteer group of young professionals who raise money and awareness for St. Paul’s Foundation) were compelled to respond to the devastating impact of the pandemic on mental health. They launched a huge interactive mural called “Pixel Moments” above London Drugs at the corner of Granville and West Georgia. It’s made up of almost 2,000 individual photos (uploaded for a micro-donation of just $5). Each photo has become a pixel in the giant display arranged by local artist Andrea Wan. It’s a compelling visual testament to our collective strength and support for mental wellness. Visit the display or check it out online at #pixelmoments or

And in a powerful display of selflessness and generosity, you have courageously come forward to volunteer in our COVID-19 research studies. To cite just one example, we’re trying to better understand how seniors’ immune systems respond to COVID-19 vaccines. You’ve stepped up for this one-year commitment so we can better understand why the disease was fatal to so many residents in long-term care.

While these words can never truly express the depth of our appreciation, know that your commitment has never been more meaningful. Know that we have never been more grateful!

Your donations directly support the efforts of our amazing volunteers, caregivers, researchers, patients, and residents. Give today.