Dick Vollett, president & CEO, St. Paul's Foundation and John Montalbano, Chair, St. Paul's Foundation Board

From the Team

Promise Magazine: Promise 2021

The worst of times can truly bring out the best in people. In the midst of two devastating health crises, we have been inspired by the courage of our health care heroes, by the compassion of our communities, and by the steadfast support of our donors.

Even as we combat the challenges of the pandemic and the opioid crisis, we are looking forward to a bright and hopeful future at the new St. Paul’s Hospital at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre. Construction kicked off in March and the doors will open in 2027.

The new hospital – and our visionary plans for the rest of the campus – will set in motion a health care renaissance bringing incredible new discoveries, collaborative care models, innovative partnerships, and far-reaching benefits to the people of BC and beyond.

And that’s the theme of this issue: that we are able to reach further – and accomplish more – when we engage and collaborate with our staff, our patients, and the communities we serve.

In this latest edition of Promise Magazine 2021, you’ll read about how we’re underpinning our ambitious goals with teamwork, a spirit of intrapreneurship, and, of course, our deeply-entrenched culture of innovation.

You’ll see how our new Clinical Support and Research Centre will become a hub for health care innovation with global impact; how we’re pushing forward with a compassionate, resident-centred model for seniors in long-term care at the Comox village; how we’re channeling a year of learning and leadership in our COVID-19 and pandemic-related initiatives; how we’re developing and leveraging bold new partnerships; and how we’re transforming the lives of British Columbians living with hearing loss.

Each story is a celebration of our resilient and resourceful people, our inspiring new campus, and our collective commitment to improve care and outcomes for patients, their families, and our communities across the province.

Thank you for bringing out the best in us.