Random Acts of Compassion: Home sweet home

May 14th, 2020

Welcome to an ongoing series highlighting random acts of compassion in Providence Health Care’s long-term care homes

What’s the difference between a house and a home? A house is a place where you live. A home is where you feel safe, cozy, and loved. This is definitely true in Providence Health Care’s long-term care homes.

Staff, families, and residents have been banding together to find creative, heartwarming ways to put the sweet in home sweet home. As we saw when Mrs. C, who lives in long-term care at Holy Family Hospital, recently celebrated her 87th birthday.

Staff assembled a choir of Mrs. C’s neighbours to sing “Happy Birthday” over the PA system. Elvira trimmed her hair. Cecilia took photos and videos. Andrea got her up for a little walkabout. And Jasmine helped coordinate a FaceTime session with friends. Mrs. C also enjoyed a rousing window visit with family from the comfort of the brand new viewing platform. Seriously! Is there anything more wonderfully compassionate during these social-distancing times than building a raised patio outside a window so residents in wheelchairs can see their loved ones?

Mrs. C’s family have been overwhelmed by the care and love shown to their beloved mom and grandma. Here’s part of a note they sent to Holy Family:

Dear Holy Family Hospital Staff:

Our family and our mom appreciate all the tender loving care that you provide to all of the residents at HFH. We thank you sooooooooo much for helping us celebrate!!! We have made beautiful memories together while staying apart .… We are grateful to all the hard-working nurses, physicians, patient care aides, unit coordinators, recreational assistants, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, extra staff, and volunteers for helping our loved ones to feel happy, peaceful, healthy, and safe! You are our wonderful heroes and angels everyday but especially during this challenging time! 

We hope and pray that you and your families will remain healthy and safe and that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be discovered soon. 

God bless you all!

We couldn’t have said it better! Thank you to all of the wonderful heroes and angels at Holy Family and across all of our hospitals and long-term care homes. God bless you all!

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