Dr. Alyson Wong examines a patient at St. Paul's Post-COVID Respiratory Clinic.

Resilience made possible by you

September 29th, 2021

Through this last year, we’ve been moved by the stories of healing, compassion, and innovation made possible with your donations. We’re sharing those stories with you in the words of the people who lived them: frontline staff, donors, and the families we serve across British Columbia. We are inspired by their stories. We know you will be, too.

Practising gratitude

Jaclyn Robinson spent seven days on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma. “Waking up, seeing my kids and husband was my light in this dark journey,” says Jaclyn. When she recovered, she joined a research study at St. Paul’s Post-COVID Recovery Clinic.

Jacyln Robinson

The goal is to better understand (and even predict) the virus’s short-term and long-haul symptoms. “The clinic is working to discover how a healthy person – I’m a public health nurse – could become so critically ill. Their findings will be part of a global COVID database to help screen and treat future patients.”

Our amazing lab

St. Paul’s performs eight million lab tests a year on samples from across BC and Yukon. When the pandemic struck, the entire lab transformed. We became the first lab in Canada with fast, fully-automated COVID-19 testing. We did our first COVID test in February 2020. Some 14 months later, we’ve done more than 308,000. On our busiest day, we did 1,821 tests! We have the highest testing capacity of any lab in BC and we’re the only hospital lab in Canada doing whole genome sequencing of the virus.

Your gift to St. Paul’s Foundation supports compassion care, innovative programs, and life-changing research for patients, families, and caregivers across BC. Please give today!

By Kris Wallace