St. Vincent’s: Langara

St. Vincent’s: Langara

Langara offers a home to 197 residents, and specialized mental health services for older adults.

About Langara

Langara offers a complex care home to 197 residents from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The site also has a specialized unit that serves 20 adult mental health clients.

Residents in this care home are part of a community that is comprised of fellow residents, family members and caregivers. Residents enjoy common areas throughout the site that include small quiet rooms, and wheelchair friendly outdoor patio spaces. These areas are used for small family gatherings with families or for quiet refuge away from bustle of daily activity at the site. A sunny, spacious atrium on the main floor supports community social events that include seasonal celebrations, entertainment and professional music concerts, as well as music therapy activities. Also on the main floor is a chapel with beautiful stained glass windows that offers residents and families another tranquil space for spiritual worship or time alone.

The Alder Unit at Langara serves clients between the ages of 18 and 64 years of age who have a range of neuropsychiatric conditions. This unit offers a long term neuropsychiatry stabilization program that provides a range of specialized services to meet the needs of adults with complex neurological disorders/brain injuries and psychiatric illness which currently prevents them from living successfully in community settings.


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