Compassion made possible by you

September 16th, 2021

Through this last year, we’ve been moved by the stories of healing, compassion, and innovation made possible with your donations. We’re sharing those stories with you in the words of the people who lived them: frontline staff, donors, and the families we serve across British Columbia. We are inspired by their stories. We know you will be, too.

Hope at home
Last year’s Lights of Hope introduced Hope at Home lanterns. They brought light and joy to homes across BC while supporting our greatest needs across Providence. It was so successful, we’re doing it again this year! David Oliver, from Cranbrook, BC, purchased lanterns for his entire family as a “thank you” for the care his late wife received. “St. Paul’s gave Irma and me the priceless gift of four extra, active years together. These lanterns are a wonderful reminder that St. Paul’s helps families like ours every single day.”

I’ll never forget their compassion
“In the pandemic’s early days, I volunteered at St. Paul’s to help with hand-sanitizing and wayfinding. I was there the day visits were abruptly stopped. It was heartbreaking. People left to get lunch or personal care items for their loved ones then couldn’t get back in! They stood at the entrance shocked, scared, and confused. We came up with the idea of calling the nursing stations. Those nurses were amazing. They came down in their scrubs carrying notes from their patients. They collected belongings and messages to bring back upstairs. They answered questions and calmly reassured everyone. I will never forget their compassion.”

Nadine Nickull
Former Manager, Annual & Online Giving, St. Paul’s Foundation

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By Kris Wallace