heart valves

Looking into the heart of the matter

A new imaging technology at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver is letting doctors see blockages in blood vessels leading to the heart without invasive probes.

Centre performs 1,000th transcatheter heart valve procedure

VANCOUVER, BC, JUNE 5, 2014 – This morning, St. Paul’s (SPH) broadcast a live transcatheter aortic valve implantation – on an awake patient (not under general anesthesia) – to the Transcatheter Valve Therapies Conference taking place June 5-7, 2014 at The Westin Bayshore. The patient was the 1,000th transcatheter heart valve (THV) procedure by the Centre […]

St. Paul’s welcomes first cardiovascular innovation fellow

An up and coming cardiologist from Israel has joined the team of cardiologists at St. Paul’s as the inaugural International Fellow in Cardiovascular Innovation. Dr. Danny Dvir began the two-year Fellowship working with St. Paul’s interventional cardiology group in April of this year. In particular, he will be working closely with Dr. John Webb, director of interventional […]

Virtual Teaching Lab

Donors have completed the funding of a television production and broadcast centre that will enable health-care professionals around the world to learn about life-saving procedures pioneered at St. Paul’s.

May Brown’s story

As a former Vancouver city councillor and physical education instructor, May Brown had devoted her life to community service and physical activity. But after finding herself short of breath during a routine walk, Brown learned that life was at risk due to a failing heart valve. “I found myself deteriorating, had to be sure I […]

Province Story Series Week 4

Inside St. Paul’s’s Heart Centre The Province reports on their experiences during a week spent with the provincial Heart Centre at St. Paul’s Stories I do believe I went to heaven How Craig Watson became a bionic man Plugged in to a new life A donor is never forgotten Heart-attack rates vary widely among different ethnic groups, […]

Centre for Heart Valve Innovation

St. Paul’s is recognized internationally as a pioneer of innovative, minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedures that provide an alternative for patients too frail to undergo open-heart surgery. Transcatheter heart valve (THV) procedures involve inserting a thin tube with a replacement valve into the body through a small incision, then directing it to the heart through an artery. […]

Innovative surgical procedure pioneered at St. Paul’s Hospital saves lives of cardiac patients unable to undergo open-heart surgery

Dr. John Webb and his colleagues at Vancouver’s St. Paul’s are making open-heart surgery a thing of the past, saving the lives of patients not viable for conventional heart surgery, such as former Vancouver city councilor and Order of Canada honoree May Brown.

And thanks to St. Paul’s Virtual Teaching Laboratory (VTL), Dr. Webb has been able to help save yet more lives by teaching this technique to cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from more than 25 other countries.

Ship-in-a-Bottle Heart Surgery to Save Lives and Dollars

It’s a dilemma. You’re too sick for the life-saving surgery you need. Your heart’s own valve is giving out and you need a new one soon. In your weakened condition the operation could kill you. Doctors at St. Paul’s’s leading-edge Heart Centre see a solution on the horizon, a way to replace dying valves without surgery. They’ve taken their cue from an old seaman’s hobby – ships in a bottle.