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  • Photo of Glenn Ives, chair, Board of Directors, St. Paul’s Foundation, Sheila Biggers, president and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation, and Dick Vollet, former president and CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation

    Building for the Future

    St. Paul’s Foundation announces new president and CEO
  • Judi Wild-Hutter and her husband Lorne Hutter

    Seniors + Healthy Aging

    First-of-its-kind non-profit long-term care village launching in Comox
  • Aggie Black headshot

    Teaching and Training

    Aggie Black recognized as the 2024 recipient of CCHL Nursing Leadership Award
  • Seniors + Healthy Aging

    Eldercare Foundation’s $1 million gift supports life-changing model of care for Com­ox’s seniors and older adults
  • Exterior of the Teck Emergency Centre at St. Paul's Hospital.


    Researchers at St. Paul’s Hospital to launch first-in-Canada database for this heart condition
  • Youth Mental Health

    Foundry youth centres poised for big expansion
  • Photo of guests on stage at the 2024 Scotiabank Feast of Fortune gala.

    Building for the Future

    17th annual Scotiabank Feast of Fortune Gala raises a record-breaking $5.52 million for the new St. Paul’s Clinical Support and Research Centre
  • Image of Dr. Andrew Thamboo examines patient

    Building for the Future

    How a world-leading physician helped Kevin Yu overcome cancer for the second time
  • Patient journey mapping is key to our commitment to Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation

    Indigenous Wellness + Reconciliation

    Truth telling through patient journey mapping – looking back to improve the path forward for Indigenous patients
  • (From Left to Right) Mark Gurvis, CEO of Ronald S. Roadburg Foundation (RSRF); Jack Bogdonov, Co-Founder & Director of RSRF; Dr. Seonaid Nolan, Clinician Scientist with the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU), holder of the Steven Diamond Professorship in Addiction Care Innovation at UBC, and Division Head for Providence Health Care’s Interdepartmental Division of Addiction, Cheyenne Johnson, Executive Director of BCCSU; Stephen Gaerber, Co-Founder & Director of RSRF; and Bernard Pinsky, Co-Founder & Chair of RSRF pictured at the announcement of Diamond Foundation’s gift to Road to Recovery in June.

    Mental Health + Substance Use

    Ronald S. Roadburg Foundation’s $9 million gift to Road to Recovery builds bridges in addiction care at St. Paul’s Hospital
  • The Diamond family and their generous donation to Road to Recovery

    Mental Health + Substance Use

    $20 million donation funds ‘First-in-Canada’ substance use treatment
  • Health care workers at the St. Paul's Hospital Road to Recovery Unit

    Mental Health + Substance Use

    What is Road to Recovery at St. Paul’s Hospital?
  • Woman smiling with her horse.

    Digestive Health

    Living with Crohn’s and with hope for the future 
  • Jason-gray stanford holding his dog with view on sunset and palm trees in the background.


    Home is where the heart is
  • Patient Care

    Donor-funded depot helps clothe thousands of patients
  • Sonia, a resident living in long-term care at Holy Family Hospital in Vancouver, was delighted to receive the gift of poinsettias from Meadowlands Horticultural.

    Seniors + Healthy Aging

    Tidings of colour and joy!
  • Taylor Alexander and her daughter.

    Patient Care

    “With PoCUS, I’m able to provide my clients with peace of mind.”
  • Image of a older patient using soundbeams technology

    Seniors + Healthy Aging

    Soundbeams make musical magic for Providence Health Care’s long-term care residents
  • An older woman clutches her hand to her chest in pain

    Research + Innovation

    A Providence-wide, pain-reducing revolution
  • Image of Kardium atrial fibrillation procedure


    Another “first and only” at St. Paul’s Hospital

Promise Magazine

The voice of St. Paul’s Foundation

On the Cover

Building for the Future
Joyce Shepherd, recreation therapist, Providence Living, and Dr. Jennifer Gibson, director of Quality, Practice, and Program Development, Providence Living, standing in the courtyard of The Views.

There’s no place like home

Providence Living is helping seniors and older adults live their best lives in home-like residences that offer social connections, choice, independence, and dignity.

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Other Articles

  • Building for the Future
    A national leader in Alzheimer’s disease care
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    St. Paul’s Hospital staff: Tess Go, pre and post examination, Laura Burns, technical coordinator - special chemistry, Dr. Mari DeMarco, clinical chemist and the mind behind Alzheimer's biomakers, Gurjit Bubra, team lead - clinical chemistry and hematology, and Jennifer Clarke, technical coordinator - pre and post examination. Not pictured: Judi London, R&D coordinator - clinical chemistry and hematology
  • Building for the Future
    Heartbeat of hope: A transplant triumph
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    (L-R): Dr. Mustafa Toma, cardiologist, St. Paul’s Hospital, Christine, grateful patient and heart transplant survivor, and Dr. Anson Cheung, cardiothoracic surgeon, St. Paul’s.
  • Mental Health and Substance Use
    Revolutionizing substance use care at Road to Recovery
    Read more
    Dr. Geneviève Kerkerian, addiction medicine specialist, Road to Recovery, St. Paul’s Hospital, Karen Scott, peer support worker, Road to Recovery, St. Paul’s, and Dr. Brittany Dennis, clinical epidemiologist, general internist, addiction medicine specialist at Road to Recovery, St. Paul’s.
  • Building for the Future
    Learning to breathe again
    Read more
    Kim Wood, grateful patient living with cystic fibrosis who was part of the Trikafta drug trial and Dr. Bradley Quon, respirologist and clinician-scientist, St. Paul’s Hospital.
  • Building for the Future
    No case too complex
    Read more
    Dr. Scott Apperley, respirologist, St. Paul’s Hospital, Karam Roberts, grateful patient living with vasculitis, and Dr. Jamil Bashir, cardiac surgeon, St. Paul’s and the head of Vancouver Coastal Cardiac Surgery and the UBC Division of Cardiac Surgery.
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As my son was being born, I had a rare, catastrophic complication. The team at St. Paul’s Hospital came together seamlessly: it was nothing short of miraculous. They didn’t just save me and Hunter. St. Paul’s saved our whole family.

Hazel, Joey, and sons Kaden & Hunter


Patients cared for.


Surgeries performed at St. Paul’s and Mount St. Joseph Hospitals.


Clinical research trials funded.