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We’re bringing the future of health care to life

Our visionary medical campus will be equipped for today’s complex health care needs and help us build the health care of tomorrow.

Learn more about how we’re reimaging care for patients at the new St. Paul’s, and how you can have a direct impact on transforming lives.

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Construction update

The new St Paul’s Hospital is springing to life from blueprints to bricks and mortar!

Update date: June 15, 2024

Hospital construction has now reached the 11th – and final – floor!

Other important milestones:

  • Work has started on the exterior of the building, including windows, insulation, and cladding  
  • Important mechanical and electrical infrastructure is being installed, like piping, plumbing and wiring

Full-scale room mock-ups have been built in our mock up warehouse with real walls, flooring, fixtures, and equipment to help align all teams before the rest of the hospital is built. Take a mock room virtual tour!

We can’t change the world if all the great work done by our renowned researchers stays in the lab. There’s nothing else in Canada comparable to what we’re planning. If you’re involved in health care research in BC – as a scientist, a partner, or a patient – this is the place to be.

Dr. Darryl Knight

President, Providence Research, PHC vice president, Research and Academic Affairs and associate dean, Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

The next generation of innovation

  • Dr. Laksman is using stem cells to grow heart-specific cells in a petri dish. By recreating a patient’s specific cardiac disease, applying medicines to it, and studying the effect of the treatment, he can determine which drugs work best for each patient. 

    Dr. Laksman is conducting trailblazing research in the aging facilities of the old St. Paul’s. The new research facility’s purpose-built labs, equipment, and technology will help ignite further breakthroughs.

  • Dr. Wong is an expert in the Mohs Micrographic Surgery and started a Surgical Dermatology Clinic to quicken access to skin cancer excisions. Through the MedSafe program, Dr. Wong and her colleagues are developing genetic testing to prevent severe, life-threatening skin infections. Providence’s Dermatology Centre is already providing care for patients with complex skin conditions not readily available elsewhere in BC and, in some cases, Canada. At the CSRC, Dr. Wong will be able to deepen research and wraparound care.

  • Dr. Thamboo is the only physician in Western Canada regularly performing an innovative day surgery to remove nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC), a rare cancer that grows in a hard-to-reach area behind the nose. Dr. Thamboo and his team are working with the BC Cancer Agency to identify NPC blood markers that could provide an early cancer warning. With the new St. Paul’s Hospital directly connected to the CSRC, physicians like Dr. Thamboo can expedite treatment for patients and lead the way in research discoveries.

  • Dr. DeMarco pioneered a first-in-Canada Alzheimer’s biomarker test and then partnered with a pharmaceutical company to mass produce it. This test, now available across the country, can identify the early stages of the disease so patients can access treatments and services earlier that improve their quality of life. With the resources at the CSRC, we’ll be able to take more discoveries like Dr. DeMarco’s and bring them to patients—without a go-between.

We hold the promise of redefining the future of health care in this province. The transformative impact of the new St. Paul’s Hospital and medical campus will extend far beyond the confines of its physical space.

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We’re not waiting for the future, we’re building it. Your support helps us bring our revolutionary vision to life.

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