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Healthy hearts for life

Don’t miss a beat.

St. Paul’s Hospital is the lifeline for British Columbians living with heart disease: we are the provincial referral centre for BC and Yukon’s most complex cardiac cases.

We became the provincial referral centre because our clinicians and researchers are world-class pioneers in treating, researching, and even reversing diseases of the heart.

  • We are the only centre in BC to perform adult heart transplants: more than 500 and counting.
  • Our Centre for Heart Valve Innovation is where Dr. John Webb pioneered TAVI, a revolutionary way to replace faulty heart valves with a single, tiny incision. It is so low-impact, many patients go home the next day.
  • We are home to the provincial centre for adults with congenital heart defects. These conditions are life altering and require lifelong care: 68% of adults living with congenital heart defects will have to go to the emergency department. Half will be hospitalized.[1]
  • We have BC’s only specialized cardiac obstetrics program. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of maternal mortality, our specialized program cares for these expectant moms and their newborns.[2]

When you give to St. Paul’s Foundation, you support transformative, life-changing cardiac care for people across BC.

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Incredible heart accomplishments

This is where Dr. John Webb pioneered a technique to replace your heart valve with a single small incision usually while you’re awake! Today, more than 450,000 patients from around the world have had this life-changing surgery.

With your support, we’re getting closer to not only treating heart disease more effectively, but to preventing it in the first place.

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When Santa needed a new heart, he came to St. Paul’s Hospital.

There was only one thing on Santa’s Christmas wish list in 2019: a new heart. Thanks to a compassionate family, the incredible team at St. Paul’s Hospital, and the support of donors like you, Santa’s wish came true. We like to think of it as the Miracle on Burrard Street.

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“Thanks to you, I have a second chance to live a full life. I will be forever grateful.”
– Marc Bains, BC’s 500th heart transplant survivor

Complex procedures like heart transplants would not be possible without your generosity.

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