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“You have helped give me the invaluable gift of hearing”

I’d like you to imagine for a moment what it would be like to lose your hearing. To no longer hear your spouse’s or mother’s voice, or hear your child’s first words. That was my reality. That’s why I hope you understand the incredible gratitude I feel for the professionals at the Rotary Hearing Clinic … Continued

Soundbeams make musical magic for Providence Health Care’s long-term care residents

Newly acquired technology at St. Vincent’s: Langara is letting its residents create beautiful music and sounds without touching a single instrument. That feature is important, since some residents of Providence Health Care’s long-term care home have limited range of motion and mobility. Soundbeam is a British-developed music system whose motion-sensors lets users create music with … Continued

Research & Innovation Roundup: Discoveries coming directly from clinical care

This article is part of our continuing “Research & Innovation” series looking at some of our most exciting studies, breakthroughs, and discoveries. Our lab puts the labor in laboratory “For two full years, our laboratory’s technologists and doctors have literally worked day and night to deliver accurate, timely results,” says Dr. Marc Romney. This commitment … Continued