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Image of Gathering of New Teleconferencing System
A gathering of family and friends to celebrate unveiling of new teleconferencing system at St. Paul’s. Front row, left to right: Piroj Amrolia, Nanu J. Dastur, Zarine Dastur, Behin Dhanani, Dr. Farhad Dastur, Bella Tata, Farrokh Namdaran, Alayar Dabestani; back row, left to right: St. Paul’s colorectal surgeon Dr. Manoj Raval, St. Paul’s colorectal surgeon Dr. Carl Brown, St. Paul’s Foundation Chief Development Officer Broek Bosma, Nara Aitova, Nick Heseltine.
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Loyal volunteer and her family give gift to St. Paul’s


Colorectal department gets new state-of-the-art communications system

The famous red-vested greeters of St. Paul’s are a special group of people.

First, they volunteer their time—and that’s the most precious gift of all.

Second, for any anxious or nervous patient that comes through our door, their warm smiles and offers of help are a calming force—and the very best way to get where you’re going, as they know every twist and turn of every hallway.

It has been said of long-time volunteer Bella Tata that, in her role as hospital greeter, she makes you feel as though she is welcoming you into her own home. To anyone who knows her, that statement is quickly accepted as truth. That’s just what Bella’s like, they say.

Now, thanks to a generous gift from Bella and her family, Dr. Manoj Raval and Dr. Carl Brown can welcome people into one of BC’s most technologically advanced conference rooms at the St. Paul’s Colorectal Department.

Says Dr. Raval: “Thanks to a gift from Bella and her family, we now have a teleconferencing system that is connected to more than 300 health care facilities province-wide. We can now do high quality video transmissions of surgical procedures. We have direct video contact with patients, other physicians, and also students and residents for teaching sessions. This gift also upgraded existing equipment such as microscopes and cameras. This act of kindness from Bella and her family will help patients for many years to come.”

The gift was given by Bella and her spouse, Farrokh Namdaran, and Bella’s sister, Zarine Dastur and Zarine’s husband, Nanu J. Dastur. The new system was unveiled and demonstrated in the colorectal conference room in June, a function attended by Bella and her family and some friends, Drs. Raval and Brown, and representatives from St. Paul’s Foundation.

We are reminded of the importance of such support from the community when we realize that colorectal cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada. It is also the second leading cause of cancer death in men and the third leading cause of cancer death in women.

St. Paul’s continues to maintain its leadership position in this complex area of medicine. In addition to being a Centre for Excellence and a leader in research and patient care, St. Paul’s is also a UBC teaching hospital and training center for colorectal surgeons.

Charitable gifts from individuals and families are part of the achievement and success of our medical teams at St. Paul’s. Community support helps us do more. You can make a gift now to support colorectal research and care at St. Paul’s by clicking the button below.