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Honoria Conway at St. Vincent's Heather.
Seniors + Healthy Aging

Random acts of compassion: Extra! Extra! Read all about it in Covid Conversations

by Kris Wallace


“Someone made me cookies and said, ‘This is for you. I love you.’ It was such a sweet thing to do. I got goosebumps.” Susan, tenant, Honoria Conway assisted living residence.

Providence Health Care is well-known for the compassionate care infused in our hospitals and long-term care homes. But people are often surprised to learn that we also have an assisted living residence: a home for seniors who are still relatively independent but need a little extra help with meals and personal care. Honoria Conway (named in honour of Sister Honoria Conway, founder of the Sisters of Charity), has 60 one-bedroom apartments for seniors and another 8 suites for adults living with disabilities. And, as you’d expect from PHC, it’s home to many random acts of compassion.

During the pandemic, staff have been working extra hard to strengthen the sense of community and prevent feelings of isolation. Kimjie Young, the site’s Assisted Living Coordinator, tells us that one of her favourite initiatives is the “Covid Conversation” newsletter. Staff interview the tenants on how they’re doing and then share their hopes, fears, and kudos via newsletter with everyone in the building. It’s a unique way to remind staff and tenants alike that we are all weathering the same storm and we’ll get through it together. Here are some highlights from one recent edition.

Irene: I’m in desperate need of a haircut. I’m starting to look more and more like Albert Einstein. Other than that, I’m managing fine.

Larry: My salvation has been nature…bringing a variety of colors, energy, and unbelievable beauty. To watch this surge of life is such a gift.

Ben: The “room service” has been excellent! And with all this time on my hands, I am also much more active on email and Facebook, connecting with friends, former colleagues, and students. I follow the COVID-19 situation closely and never miss Dr. Bonnie Henry’s daily updates!

Jenny: I’m concerned about the virus getting in here. I’m staying in my room to keep safe. I talk to other tenants on the phone. It’s very rewarding to share our thoughts.

Judith: I’d like to thank the kitchen staff for continuing with our good meals and delivery service.

Edna: We have to understand that fear is one of the worst things. People get panicky and that’s not necessary. We have so much potential and protection from bad things.

Jian: I think the food is even better than before. Thank you to the cooks for working so hard and doing their best!

Herb: I’ve only been at Honoria Conway for a month but so far, I love the place. Looking forward to going to the dining room so I can meet more people.

Juanita and Max: We’re doing great and we’re taken good care of! It’s like I always say, being at Honoria Conway is like a stairway to heaven!

When you give to our COVID-19 Response Fund, you help engage and encourage the tenants, residents, and staff right across our hospitals and care homes. Thank you for making a gift today!