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Image of Kronier Sisters
The four daughters of Al and Betty Kronier: Lorraine Palmer, Linda Chrystal, Carolyn Convey, and Kim Streit.
Building for the Future

For one family, Lights of Hope is an opportunity to reflect, to leave a legacy—and to teach the next generation


Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Al and Betty Kronier carry on the tradition

It begins with a beautiful story of four daughters and their mother making a gift to Lights of Hope to honour their late father and creating, in the process, a family tradition of giving.

As with all family stories, new chapters are written every year, and with each new generation.

Earlier this year, the four daughters of Al Kronier—Lorraine Palmer, Linda Chrystal, Carolyn Convey and Kim Streit—experienced great sadness in their family with the passing of their mother, Betty.

Betty Kronier, however, was blessed with 12 great-grandchildren and had the pleasure of seeing her children, her grandchildren—and great-grandchildren—learn the importance of giving and of helping others. The Kronier family’s Lights of Hope star has been a part of that education.

A chance to teach their kids

Lorraine, Linda, Carolyn and Kim all agree that the family’s Lights of Hope star means a lot. Going to St. Paul’s during Lights of Hope as a family, with kids and grandkids, has become a family tradition.

Lights of Hope is also an opportunity to share their family legacy with the youngest members of the family, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and pass on the lessons they received from their own parents about the importance of giving.

For these four sisters, Lights of Hope is also a time of reflection. When they behold their star, their thoughts are with their parents, whose generous and giving spirit lives on in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

All individuals and families are encouraged to share their Lights of Hope stories and traditions—and to make a gift to support greatest needs at St. Paul’s. Lights of Hope shines until January 9, 2017. Have you given yet? Make your Lights of Hope gift today.