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Image of Patient lying inside a medical scanner in hospital
PET scan equipment.
Building for the Future

The future comes to life at the new St. Paul’s Hospital

by Kris Wallace


Celebrating a $10 million gift from Jemini Foundation and $1 million from the radiologists of St. Paul’s Hospital​.

In 1906, St. Paul’s Hospital acquired the very first X-ray machine in BC. It had been invented just 11 years earlier, cost a then-staggering $700, and had to be shipped all the way from France.

Looking back, the machine was primitive, negatives took 45 minutes to develop, and the images were rudimentary. But it caused a sensation and helped St. Paul’s establish its reputation for innovation and leading-edge care.

Today, our radiology department performs some 200,000 procedures annually including ultrasounds, angiograms, MRIs, CT scans, nuclear images, and of course X-rays.

When the doors open to the new St. Paul’s Hospital on the Jim Pattison Medical Campus – in just five years – advanced imaging equipment will transform how we diagnose disease. And it will enable our radiology team to catch disease early and to fast-track treatment and healing.

Picture this

Opportunities to save and improve lives will become almost routine.

For starters, the hospital will be one of the very few in the country where the majority of its medical equipment will be new or close to new.

And our medical imaging team, already renowned for their ingenuity, will have tools and technology so advanced, they’ll seem like science fiction.

Building on their provincial leadership in research – and the treatment of cancer, cardiac disease, and lung disease – the Imaging Department will usher in a golden age of discovery and innovation.

It’s all happening because of the generosity and foresight of our visionary donors.

Leadership and gratitude

St. Paul’s Foundation is profoundly grateful to Vancouver’s Jemini Foundation: its $10 million leadership gift will transform the future of medical imaging across BC.

We are also deeply honoured that a group of 15 of St. Paul’s own radiologists made a $1 million donation to spearhead life-changing care for their patients.

These gifts will help provide British Columbians with the best care in the world. They will (at long last!) see the excellence of our team reflected in our facilities and equipment. And they will inspire our colleagues – and our community – to step forward and champion the next century of care at the new St. Paul’s Hospital.

The opportunity to build a completely new health campus in BC will not happen again in our lifetimes. And the impact of your donations will truly resonate for generations to come.

Thank you for being pioneers, visionaries, difference-makers.