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Image of Lights of Hope display
Building for the Future

More than just lights


At the darkest time of year, Lights of Hope illuminate Vancouver’s Burrard Street corridor and transform the façade of St. Paul’s Hospital into a beacon of hope and joy.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors come to St. Paul’s to see the display. But this spectacular annual showcase is more than just a beloved holiday tradition: it’s one of St. Paul’s most visible­ – and most important – fundraising campaigns.

For 22 years, your donations have provided compassionate, life-changing care at St. Paul’s and other Providence Health Care sites. This season, your gifts will also support the future of St. Paul’s at the Jim Pattison Medical Centre.

New this year is a “Living Light” interactive star: when you tap to donate, it lights up. If it goes too long without support, it fades. Choose a donation amount and tap to help keep hope alive.

Fun facts:

  • It takes 150 volunteers almost six weeks to set up the display.
  • There are more than 10 kilometers of lights, 100,000 bulbs, and 200 individual stars recognizing generous donors.
  • Almost 80% of the lights are LEDs and the electric bill comes in under $60/day.

Lights of Hope is located at St. Paul’s Hospital, 1081 Burrard Street. The display will be illuminated until January 6, 2020.

Video republished with kind permission from News 1130, Lights of Hope Gold Sponsor