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Image of Frank Anfield
Frank Anfield.

Donor Spotlight: Frank and Marilyn Anfield


Donors are key to St. Paul’s physicians and staff being able to conduct groundbreaking research and provide exceptional and compassionate care to patients every day.

Frank and Marilyn Anfield are a shining example of community members whose legacy of giving has made a lasting positive impact on the delivery of heart and kidney care at St. Paul’s.

The Anfield’s donations to the hospital first began in 2002, following the treatment and recovery of Marilyn at St. Paul’s for a heart problem.

“We were grateful and we were impressed with St. Paul’s caring and devotion to providing something more to patients than just medical and technical service,” says Frank, who served three consecutive terms on St. Paul’s Foundation’s Board of Directors and continues to be a distinguished Director Emeritus. “We have always been givers and we felt that it was important to give back.”

Frank and Marilyn’s giving continued with the creation of the Frank and Marilyn Anfield Heart Centre Leadership Fund, which is being used to further strengthen and differentiate the innovative and world-leading clinical work of the provincial Heart Centre at St. Paul’s.

Marilyn was a strong supporter of projects at the hospital that would help patients and their loved ones be more comfortable.

Later, in honor and celebration of Marilyn, who passed away in 2013, Frank and many family and friends were inspired to make gifts to the Renal Department at St. Paul’s to enhance the comfort of patients and their families and resources available to physicians and staff on Renal 6A.

“Frank and Marilyn have been extremely generous in enabling the cardiac and renal programs to thrive,” notes Dr. Ron Carere, a cardiologist and Vice President, Medical Affairs at St. Paul’s who has known Frank and Marilyn for several years and treated Frank for a heart condition. “They have been willing to take risks to let others do great work, and I admire them for that.”