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Living with Crohn’s and with hope for the future 

“As soon as I walk up to any horse … they know I’m different.” Elyssa Kaufman has felt “different” all her life. But it takes a highly sensitive creature, like her own horse Blue, to form an unbreakable bond not in spite of, but because of how she’s different. In fact, when Elyssa is having a … Continued

Home is where the heart is

“Receiving a transplant is a huge reward. Life gets to start over. I am incredibly grateful to the heart donor family and to my care team at St. Paul’s Hospital.” – Jason Gray-Stanford, Grateful heart transplant patient As a professional actor for over 25 years, I’ve played a doctor on NCIS and the father of … Continued

Remembering June – A palliative care story

This story was told to St. Paul’s Foundation staff member Alexandra Erjavec by Michelle Orr, a nurse and patient educator at the Palliative Care Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital, in February 2023, and is written in Michelle’s words. For confidentiality purposes, we used the pseudonym, “June”. “Does that mean I’m dying?” These were the first … Continued