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Image of Scott and Pam Post Transplant
Image of Scott and Pam Post Transplant.

Scott Canning’s journey to a new kidney, and to a new chance at life


This is Scott’s story, told in his own words.

“Please accept my thanks – your support of St. Paul’s Foundation gives hope to people like me.

I have polycystic kidney disease. I knew from a young age that I would one day need a kidney transplant. I always say, “This is the hand I’ve been dealt in life, so this is the hand I’ll play.” Through the years, St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. David Landsberg, and the nephrology team have always been there for me.

A few years ago, I learned I would need a second kidney transplant, after my first. My family and I spread the word. My childhood friend, Pam, was a perfect match.“I’ve been a blood donor my entire life,” says Pam. “Scott’s need made me realize I could do this.”

Then, very suddenly, Pam was seriously injured in an ultralight plane crash. She needed back surgery and a lot of rehabilitation. We were both hugely disappointed. At least I don’t need the transplant right away, I thought. Hopefully someone else will be willing to offer their kidney and be a suitable donor.

But nothing else materialized. Other potential donors were found not to be good matches. It was so challenging. People aren’t always aware of the emotional burden that patients like me and our families carry while waiting for a transplant. The wait can be long and stressful.

After spending two years in recovery, would you believe that Pam was given the green light to be my donor again? In May 2019, I received my second kidney transplant at St. Paul’s. “Donating was an easy decision,” says Pam. “Today’s surgery is routine enough that you’re out of hospital in two days. And you’ve given someone another chance at life.”

I’m very grateful for my health, my donors, and the first-class care I’ve received from Dr. Landsberg and the team at St. Paul’s. Today, Pam and I are both doing excellent. Your support made our long journey a reality. We hope more experiences like ours can be shared in the future.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Scott, Pam, and their families are able to enjoy their time together, and live healthy and happy lives. To continue to show your support, please donate to our renal program.