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Providence Health Care Foundations Amalgamate


St. Paul’s Foundation and Tapestry Foundation amalgamate to streamline fundraising activities to further support patient and resident care at Providence Health Care

St. Paul’s Foundation is pleased to announce its amalgamation with Tapestry Foundation under the St. Paul’s Foundation banner to support all health care services at Providence Health Care.

Tapestry Foundation formerly focused on supporting senior’s health and elder care, raising funds and providing equipment donations for Holy Family Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, St. Michael’s Centre and St. Vincent’s. St. Paul’s Foundation will add these elements to their fundraising portfolio, in addition to their responsibilities raising funds for enhanced patient care, capital projects, equipment needs, research and teaching at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC.

The combined entity will support patients, residents and donors at Providence Health Care throughout the health-care continuum from neo-natal to palliative. It will optimize fundraising capacity and strengthen the Foundation’s ability to support improved health-care services.

“We welcome the Tapestry team to the St. Paul’s family,” said Kathryn Young, Board Chair, St. Paul’s Foundation. “St. Paul’s Foundation will now provide one-stop fundraising for all of Providence Health Care, making gifting easier for donors and funding requests simpler for Providence Health Care’s doctors and administration.”

All donors will continue to be free to designate their donations and choose which hospital or site they would like their gift to go to. St. Paul’s Foundation will now operate in four locations: St. Paul’s Hospital, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Honoria Conway at St. Vincent’s, and St. Paul’s Foundation’s Howe Street office.

“Former Tapestry board members are pleased to join the St. Paul’s Foundation board,” said Brad Cruickshank, Director, St. Paul’s Foundation and former Board Chair, Tapestry Foundation. “We are confident that the amalgamation will help increase resources available to fundraising efforts and drive donor support that will result in additional funding to seniors and residential care.”