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Making your dollar go further

A dollar multiplies exponentially when you invest in our research.

For every donor dollar that is invested in supporting our leading research scientists, six times more funding is secured through competitive grants. Your donor dollars provide the best research environment that attracts the very best people, who then get grant funding – for the simple reason that they are the very best.

Help our research programs thrive at our new research facility, right next door to the new St. Paul’s Hospital.

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Improving care. Reducing wait times.

An average patient can wait hours for emergency care, months for a specialist referral, and even years for much-needed surgery. 

Research discoveries help people stay healthier, whether they have a chronic condition or require life-saving emergency surgery. Using research and technology, our clinicians are able to support patients with prevention, and take swift action if they get sick. 

When people are well taken care of, they’re less likely to land in the hospital or doctor’s office. 

Donor generosity allows our team to treat you better, faster, and more efficiently – and research is a critical key to this process. Support the life-changing projects at our new hospital and adjoining research facility by clicking the link below. 

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Patient partners. Innovative researchers. Robust infrastructure. Generous donors. These are the building blocks of discovery. Your gift brings innovation to life.

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