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Aging gracefully

A whole new approach to seniors care.

It’s hard to imagine anything more meaningful or rewarding than improving care for seniors.

That’s why Providence Health Care and Providence Living are pioneering a whole new model of care for older adults in acute care and for residents in long-term care. And it starts by asking seniors and their families what they want and what matters most. With this, we are changing everything.

  • We are bridging the gaps between home care, acute care, and specialized care.
  • We are supporting older adults to stay independent and live at home for as long as possible.
  • If the time comes for long-term care, we are welcoming residents into spaces that feel and function more like a real home.
  • We are safeguarding dignity and autonomy and honouring each person’s values, traditions, and interests.

And this is just the beginning. Looking ahead, we’re developing a bricks-and-mortar Centre for Healthy Aging on the campus of the new St. Paul’s Hospital. And we’re building Canada’s first public, non-profit care village (modelled after the “dementia village” concept) in Comox.

Providence is leading the charge in creating long-term care homes that genuinely look and feel like home. Together, with the help of generous donors like the Aune Foundation, Eldercare Foundation, Y. P. Heung Foundation, Conconi Family Foundation, and Doug and Teri Loughran, we are working toward a future where communities around the world will be empowered to provide care that puts residents first.

We have a vision, a mandate, and a 128-year history of compassionate care. All we need now is you. Join us and transform seniors’ lives.

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“Adela’s care was out of this world. I could see – I could feel – what the care aides were doing for her and the other residents. They were always there no matter what we needed. They were like family.”

– Joe Busko, 25-year donor to St. Paul’s Foundation, whose late wife Adela lived at Brock Fahrni.

Read Joe and Adela’s poignant story. And find out what Joe did to honour his beloved wife’s memory.

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When you give, you help families at their most vulnerable. And you give caregivers the tools and equipment they need to make our residents more comfortable. Thank you!

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