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Empowering staff and inspiring excellence at St. Paul’s Foundation

At St. Paul’s Foundation, our commitment to health care extends beyond patient care – it’s about cultivating an environment of empowerment and excellence that transcends all aspects of our organization. 

As a leading teaching hospital in Canada, St. Paul’s is not just a hospital; it’s a hub of innovation, education, and compassionate care, and that applies to all areas of care, including our own community of medical professionals.  Through programs like the following, St. Paul’s unites our health care professionals under a shared commitment to deliver exceptional care to patients. At the same time, these initiatives also invest in the frontline nurses and allied health professionals who drive innovation and excellence.

  1. The Centre for Research Training for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (CREST)
  2. The new patient partner position
  3. Quality Improvement (QI) Challenge
  4. Value-Based Health Care (VBHC)

Discover stories of resilience, determination, and impact as you explore the profound effect these initiatives have on staff training and professional practice; these are more than an investment in St. Paul’s – it’s an investment in the future of health care and the next generation of medical professionals at a top-tier teaching hospital. 

You can play a pivotal role in empowering our dedicated staff and inspiring excellence in their professional practice.

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The CREST initiative at St. Paul’s Foundation

At St. Paul’s, we recognize that fostering a culture of innovation requires investing in the growth and professional development of our nurses and allied health professionals. Within Providence Health Care (PHC), a dedicated team of nurses and allied health professionals is diligently pursuing advanced studies, seeking to bring leading-edge knowledge into the core of clinical care at St. Paul’s. However, they face a critical gap – a lack of dedicated infrastructure to cultivate their research skills and apply their insights into practice. Cue CREST, a first in Canada initiative that will address this gap by offering a supportive environment, sustained funding, and mentorship to become the catalyst for transforming academic skills into tangible advancements in patient care. 

Whether they’re a nurse, a physiotherapist, a respiratory therapist, or a speech-language pathologist, these ambitious professionals will bring the patient experience into their research and use their research findings to provide excellence in patient care. And you can play an essential part in this inspiring commitment.

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Bringing voices to the forefront with a patient partner

As a leading teaching hospital, our care is split between the needs of our patients and medical staff and. Recognizing the importance of patient voices in shaping their health care journeys, PHC is taking a bold step forward by introducing a visionary initiative that aims to amplify patient voices, ensuring that their needs are met and experiences are validated throughout their health care interactions.

The new position will help PHC provide care that has been influenced and shaped by patient voices. You can have a direct impact on this transformative initiative.

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Empowering staff through the Quality Improvement Challenge

Rooted in a dedication to excellence, St. Paul’s Foundation is on a constant journey of refining and enhancing our health care practices. The Quality Improvement (QI) Challenge is a testament to this dedication, and is a transformative initiative designed to elevate patient care, empower health care professionals, and foster innovation within PHC. 

“In addition to offering professional development, the QI Challenge helps create a workplace culture where all clinicians and staff feel they have a voice and an opportunity to improve patient care.”

—Agnes Black, UBC School of Nursing adjunct professor and director, Health Services & Clinical Research and Knowledge Translation, Professional Practice and Nursing at PHC

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Bringing value-based health care to PHC

St. Paul’s Foundation is dedicated to elevating the quality, safety, and value of health care delivery through a value-based health care (VBHC) approach, a proven and efficient organizational model that prioritizes achieving health outcomes that matter most to patients while also understanding the cost of the whole care journey.

Today and in the future

Today, St. Paul’s stands not just as a teaching hospital, but as a beacon of innovation, education, and unwavering dedication to patient and staff well-being alike. Our future holds the promise of even greater heights. The pillars of training professional practice – empowering staff, quality improvement, Indigenous reconciliation, and VBHC – collectively form the foundation of our commitment to a healthier tomorrow. Discover how you can help shape the future of health care at St. Paul’s Hospital and throughout Providence Health Care by clicking the button below.

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