Providence Crosstown Clinic

Providence Crosstown Clinic

The clinic provides respectful, non-judgemental, and diversified care while rising to the challenge of the epidemic of substance use.

About Providence Crosstown Clinic

Against the backdrop of an unprecedented opioid crisis, the Providence Crosstown Clinic is a bold step forward, as the only clinic in North America to offer medical-grade heroin and the legal analgesic hydromorphone to chronic substance use patients in a supervised clinical setting.

Unlike safe injection sites, where clients bring their own drugs, the Providence Crosstown Clinic has an on-site pharmacy that provides prescription injectable opiates based on each client’s need.

Doctors, nurses, social workers and counsellors are available and clients receive support in numerous other ways including life-skills counselling, housing referrals and direction to legal assistance.

All of the Providence Crosstown Clinic’s clients participated in the SALOME study at St. Paul’s (Study to Assess Longer-term Opioid Medication Effectiveness), a clinical trial that tested alternative treatments for people with chronic heroin addiction who were not benefitting from known treatments. (About 10% of the heroin-dependent population does not respond to treatments such as oral methadone.)

The Providence Crosstown Clinic’s vision is to create opportunities for care, advocacy and learning, while a key part of its mission is to advocate for a “continuing stable treatment program,” which, as evidence continues to show, is helping people stabilize their lives and, in many cases, reclaim them.


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