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Learn how donations change lives

Annually raising over $55 million, St. Paul’s Foundation plays a pivotal role in advancing capital projects, fostering groundbreaking research, and enhancing care across Providence Health Care (PHC) sites, including St. Paul’s Hospital and Providence Living. These contributions empower PHC to provide exceptional patient care and support research discoveries with a global impact.

Our impact

Gifts to St. Paul’s Foundation have a tangible effect on health care innovation, evident in projects like the new St. Paul’s Hospital on the Jim Pattison Medical Campus – the largest hospital project in Western Canada. Through the generous support of our donors, we are leading the ongoing evolution of health services and long-term care in BC.

  • The support of generous donors is more critical than ever. It ensures our medical and research programs remain well-funded, directly impacting the quality of care for patients and residents at PHC. These contributions play a pivotal role in acquiring the latest medical technology for diagnostics and treatment and retaining top-tier clinicians and researchers. Another way donations to St. Paul’s Foundation have made a critical impact on the lives of our patients is through the introduction of bili blankets, making a world of difference for infants with jaundice.

    A bili blanket is more than just a medical device – it helps infants and removes the need to be incubated for the first couple of hours of their lives making sure this time is instead spent in the loving arms of their family. Using the blanket, the infant can be held, fed, and even rocked throughout the phototherapy treatment, ensuring much-needed skin-to-skin contact.

    This is compassionate, transformative care in action that was entirely funded by donations. This is the power of giving. Learn more.

  • As a major source of support for our operations and activities, the St. Paul’s Foundation fund is the backbone that enables us to harness the full force of donor support. This generosity fuels innovation and transformation throughout PHC and influences health care across the province. 

    Donations drive progress by supporting crucial initiatives. One such program aims to encourage patient-specific prescribing of opioids based on risk stratification. One in five Canadians – more than six million people – are affected by substance use and its related harms. St. Paul’s recognizes that many patients who struggle with addiction use were first prescribed opioids post-surgery; in fact, this number is as high as 25% of people who got surgery. Patients who struggle with anxiety and depression prior to surgery are even more at risk of developing addiction post-surgery, and this knowledge requires a change in our health care practices to address this dire situation. 

    PHC is a national leader in opioid stewardship and addiction research and treatment, and now has an opportunity to address it in the peri-operative setting. Leveraging previous work, the team at St. Paul’s is in the midst of creating an evidence-based screening of patients in the peri-operative setting and help to encourage patient-specific prescribing of opioids based on risk stratification. The team anticipates the results of this study will be generalizable to all surgical patients within the Greater Vancouver area, and across the province. 

    This work is essential, as safe opioid prescribing and risk assessment of patients is the responsibility of all physicians performing surgery within BC. And this work is a direct result of donations to St. Paul’s Foundation. Learn more.

  • At St. Paul’s, we believe in the impact of small gestures that can make a world of difference in the experience of our patients. Through generous donations, we have been able to make meaningful interventions, both small and large, that positively impact and improve the lives of our community members. 

    Our exceptional and dedicated team at the Foundation passionately champions the extraordinary efforts of PHC’s researchers and medical experts. By forging meaningful connections, we link individuals and organizations with opportunities to impact a diverse range of facilities, programs, and services. 

    Imagine walking into a hospital and struggling to fill out a government disability form because you suffered from poor vision and left your reading glasses at home. Imagine the feeling of the blurred words taunting you on the page. Imagine the frustration, the hopelessness. Now, picture walking into St. Paul’s Hospital, struggling to clearly see a form, walking up to the nursing station and asking for a light to help better see the page. Instead, you’re met with a smiling face as they hand you a pair of reading glasses. This is a real example of a patient who was in our care. The transformation was immediate and profound when he was handed those glasses – tears welled in his eyes as he was given the support he needed to complete the form independently, feeling a renewed sense of pride.

    Not only is this an example of a donation in action, it also illustrates our commitment to improving the quality of care for all patients, residents, and families who visit our sites.

    It’s through the generous support of donors that enables us to extend these meaningful interventions across each of our 17 sites, ensuring that every patient receives the care and assistance they need.

Powering the future of health care

The new St. Paul’s Hospital is a direct result of the Foundation’s commitment to British Columbians and its ability to drive change. With an impressive fundraising achievement of more than $225 million in just four years, the Foundation has led the way to the most significant medical and research infrastructure project in the history of Western Canada. 

Click here to learn more about how the new St. Paul’s Hospital will change everything.

The generous donations to St. Paul’s Foundation are the driving force behind the development of our new medical campus. The new St. Paul’s is more than just a building – it represents a new era in health care delivery for the people of BC and is a symbol of our ability to enact meaningful change in the province. 

Becoming a partner in philanthropy

Through ethical and relationship-based fundraising, the Foundation enables PHC to be at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation. The Foundation acts as a bridge, connecting potential donors with impactful opportunities to support PHC and Providence Living. Through the generosity of donors, we unite the community, transforming support into tangible change.

Learn more

Trust and transparency

St. Paul’s Foundation holds itself to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. As stewards of the resources you entrust to us, our commitment to accountability and transparency is unwavering. It is a pact we make with every donor, ensuring that every donated dollar is not just a transaction, but a meaningful investment into the wellbeing of British Columbians. 

At the Foundation, trust is not assumed; it is earned through transparency, accountability, and a shared commitment to advancing the highest standards in health care.

We treat some of the sickest people in BC. We see them at their most challenging times: physically, mentally, and emotionally. They deserve both exceptional and innovative care. Your donations help fund vital research, state-of-the-art medical equipment, transformational initiatives in long-term care, and a historical opportunity to change health care in BC through the new St. Paul’s Hospital on the Jim Pattison Medical Campus. Thank you for the difference you’re each making to the care we provide for thousands of British Columbians every year.

Dick Vollet

President & CEO, St. Paul’s Foundation

Providence Living at the Views

According to the BC government, there will be more than 1.3 million people over the age of 65 in the province; there is a pressing need to address the evolving health care landscape for our aging citizens. This same research indicates that while many seniors aspire to maintain their independence and comfort as they age, nearly 70% of those turning 65 today will require various forms of continuing care, support, and services to safely age in comfort and dignity. In the most complex cases, transitioning to long-term care facilities becomes a necessity. 

Through the support of St. Paul’s Foundation, PHC and Providence Living have made an integral shift in how we deliver world-class health care to our senior population. Providence Living at The Views, inspired by the concept of a “dementia village”, is an innovative initiative that will transform the lives of our seniors. It assimilates best practices in seniors and long-term care from around the world, integrating with Canadian cultural, social, and health care goals. It will mark Canada’s first public, non-profit care home designed to champion a social-relational care model, shifting away from the conventional institutional approach.

Located on the shores of Comox, BC, Providence Living at the Views provides seniors and long-term care in a welcoming, home-like manner aimed at empowering residents to lead familiar, independent, and meaningful lives. With a core commitment to person-centred care, the village’s philosophy will underscore the importance of freedom of movement, access to nature, and resident autonomy. Here, seniors are acknowledged as unique individuals, each with distinct needs and interests, fostering spontaneity, community engagement, and intergenerational connections.

Through the support of the Foundation, PHC and Providence Living will dramatically improve long-term care now, and initiate enduring, positive change to seniors’ care for years to come. Learn more about the impact you can have on this transformative change.

Learn more

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